Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Leap by James dickey

This is a beautiful poem, how graceful and delightful this girl Jane was to watch and see.  She was like the goddess above the masses. (line44) “I and the other slow-footed yokels” what does yokels mean? An uneducated and unsophisticated person from the countryside. I love how the author idolizes, Jane, how he pays so much attention to her, almost like he is stalking her. Because he is so obsessed with her, he can’t help but keep her on this high petal stole in his mind. But even after Jane kills herself, when she is finally brought down to everyone else stamina. He still wants to keep her high about in his head, (line 42) “Jane, stay where you are in my first mind:” He holds her in his mind of this thought of her being perfect and not having problems, but her death, her suicide is clear proof of her flaws but to him. She had none and her death shatters his reality to pieces, which now he finds that he wasn’t really in love with her; he was in love with the thought of her, not the actual thing. This poem has a lot with symbols, the girl, Jane is a symbol of everything he wants and needs in his life. The man he loved her, but the feeling I thought was not the same for her, she didn’t love him the way he loved Jane. But to her Jane and herself were not the same, she saw flaws within herself and she could fix them, she couldn’t be perfect. So she killed herself, and in her mind it was the only way for her to be perfect. (Line 28) “Mother of four, leapt to her death from a window” Him and her, were both the same but not both wanted perfectness in their minds but couldn’t reach it.

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