Monday, November 26, 2012

After a Death by Roo Borson

       My first thoughts to this poem was that this was going to be one of our many typical sad poems. But I actually really liked one of these sad little poems for once, so much is said in its little 9 lines. I see the narrator as a younger women who has lost her husband/boyfriend not a old widow who has lost a husband after a lengthy time.
       She is clearly hiding the fact to the outside world that she is in that amount of pain," I can do what I do best and then go out into the world and I can return then with my useless love" (Lines 5-7) she is shelling up her feelings as do most people when they lose someone, but typically I have seen that it is not usually the female who shells up to the world. She seems a tad bit crazy to me in the end, when she is starting to call the chair her love, well at least she confesses to the fact that the chair is a useless love. To rest with her love that is a chair, I can get what she means by this, when losing a loved one you or at least I have found something I can use to not think about this person, an object to "replace" them in my life. Whether it be her chair or my new obsession with Dr. Pepper(my grandmother's favorite soda) to replace your lost love.

       After a death people usually have two different roads they take, public or personal grieving. Public you can really tell that this person is hurting and then personal when this person has retreated back into themselves so that no one can see that they are quite cearly in pain. We see that this woman is the second option. When she goes out into the world she has put on a mask so that other people are not allowed to see the pain, while she is grieving in her own way.

       I loved/hated this peom. Loved because there is so much more feelings and depth then this 9  line showing, Hated on the other hand because ONCE again we have another sad death story where happiness is once again absent.

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